#niadiaries vol.1 – post-grad job hunting blues


I’m frustrated dawg. Like, I’m more than frustrated. I’m confuddled. 

Call me naive, but I never expected the journey to making my first post-grad career move to be so ridiculously discouraging. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t pinpoint what exactly that is. It seems as though there are rarely any jobs that are popping up in my field, at least where I’m at locally. My official qualification (that

My official qualification (that thang that my transcript will tell ya) is that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in English. Basically, words are my thing. I’ve been applying for different marketing (primarily internet-based) types of jobs, but no one’s hit your girl back up yet. I even applied for a job as a librarian (which oddly, I really wanted so I was tight that they never got in contact with me) That leads me to believe that there’s something wrong with how I’ve been going about it. Either there’s something wrong with my resume, or something wrong with the cover letters that I’ve been dropping like mixtapes at all these companies and what not. I will figure out what’s wrong though; maybe I just got to get another pair of eyes to look at them.

I had a job interview the other day at a local department store. It was my first one in about a year, so I was ridiculously nervous. I dressed up as much as I could to combat how nervous and nauseous I was, so I wore a dress that resembled this NY&C one (Thank You Auntie!!!). I brought my resume; wore my “It’s Time for Business” wig, and slicked down my edges to match it. I was ’bout it ’bout it.

The interview went okay. I rambled a lot and didn’t think I made much sense. Like usual. But, I had an interesting convo with the woman who interviewed me about my actual career goals. I think she knew that I didn’t want to work at a department store for the rest of my life. She told me she’d hire me on the spot if I really wanted the job. (Which I didn’t really get cause I thought I did terribly but hey I try not to block my blessings). She said she didn’t want me to be at that job forever if that was the case. She also told me that the job wasn’t really full-time (as the posting had previously stated), and the pay wasn’t that great. Like, really not that great.

What she said made me think, that maybe I should give myself a bit more time to find a job that fits me better. Is it bad to say that I know (or at least, have an idea) of my worth and I feel like I’ve worked hard enough in college/high school/life and I should be compensated accordingly?

I’m blessed to be in a situation where, at the moment, I don’t have to put myself in a position that I don’t want to be in. My parents still think I’m kind of an okay person, and they haven’t thrown me out the front door like Uncle Phil did to Jazzy Jeff.


I’m trying to give myself another month to look around, pray about it, and hopefully stumble into a position that’ll fulfill me and also aid me as I try to make these adult-ish steps in the next year or so.

But after that time, I’ll probably just throw myself to the wind and take whatever I can get my college debt-ridden hands on. Being broke is just not the business. But, A$AP Twelvvy said it best…


Any tips for the finding jobs in the communications/internet marketing/literally will write anything for you field? I’m open to all suggestions/links/kind words fam.



{90s/2000s R&B playlist} for colored girls who are lost in their own mind when the current state of america just isn’t enough

In the words of the one and only Vic Mensa: there’s a lot going on. Whether it’s the aftermath of Charlottesville or the depressing state of our current legislation, current events have been quite suffocating (for lack of a better word). Personally, I’ve been quite on edge emotionally. I suffer from anxiety so it doesn’t take much to get me in a mind-state that I’d rather not be in. So, you can only imagine how I’m feeling right about now.

Over the years I’ve always utilized music in an effort to make myself feel better. Recently, I’ve put together this semi-short 90s R&B playlist on YouTube. It gives me the time that I need to decompress and clear out my head of the negativity and the nastiness. I figure, if anyone can get me out of this emotional black hole it’s Jodeci.

Take a 30-minute breather with me and listen to some soul-cleansing R&B.

What do you do to calm yourself down when you’re stressed out? I’m always looking for something new to try, so I’d appreciate the suggestion for sure.

love, Nia Simone 




What’s up love muffins? Guess who just reached that 100 followers mark! Ya girl that’s who! 


I appreciate all of you beautiful people so much for choosing to rock it with me. I’ve got so many ideas to make a reality for y’all including but not limited to:

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Also, ya girl is in the process of getting her own super professional and super dope domain name. I will surely update y’all when that becomes a reality, but I’m very excited.

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Again, thanks for taking a shot on me. You smart. You loyal. You grateful. I appreciate you.


Love, Nia Simone 


(P.S. here’s one of my fave turn-up tunes and an exquisite classic of my generation’s music. roscoe dash’s verse will forever be legendary.)

Seven Ways I​ Utilize My #SelfCareSunday ft. Throwback Drizzy


In my mind, Sundays are always soon. No matter what ridiculousness the world may bestow upon me during the week, Sundays are my day to do what makes me happy.

This often includes endless marathons of The Office and chamomile tea. A perfect combo, if I should say so myself.

Here are a couple things that I do on Sundays to make sure the rambunctious mind of Nia Simone stays in tact: 

  1. Keep track of my hydration throughout the day
  2. Brainstorm blog ideas for the rest of the week (they don’t have to be amazing; as long as they’re there)
  3. Listen to some (The Internet/SZA/Frank Ocean/ (older) The Weeknd) on Spotify
  4. Watch a new movie on Netflix (that can often be hard to find, but I stumble upon one I’m interested in eventually)
  5. Take a selfie (Cause why not?)

And more importantly of all,

6. Relax

How do y’all spend your days off? Is it more preparation than relaxation, or the other way around? Let me know in the comments section below.


P.S. here’s some throwback drizzy drake to relax you further (and probably get you in your feelings)

the 22nd chapter a.k.a happy birthday to me


I just turned 22 on August 8th. (Cue a smash-up of Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday and 2 Chainz’ Birthday Song)

22 is quite the awkward age. You’ve spent enough time in adulthood that people mistakingly think you have your life together. They ask questions like: When are you getting married? When am I going to see some babies?. As if when you drunkenly reach the finish line of college you spontaneously sober up and strut into the magical land of marriage and little ones.

Even I’m surprised I made it this far y’all; college was an uphill battle in itself. 

I’ve ever only thought this far in life. Even as a child, my mind was always reaching towards: I want to graduate college. Now that I’ve reached that milestone my life can go infinite different ways.

That’s a frightening reality. But, I desire to turn that fear into excitement. I’m planning on spending (at least) a year at home saving money and trying to do the dastardly deed of figuring the rest of my life out. Or, better yet, just figuring out the next step. The next step probably won’t involve marriage or babies. Give it like three more steps. I’m just trying to find my happiness and make sure that I’m good mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

21 was a dope year for me though. I accomplished a lot and I’m definitely in a better place now than I was a year ago. I’m ready to take on this first year of (sorta) adulthood and see how far I can get on this long and squiggly journey of figuring it out. I have a lot of ideas for the future bouncing around in my head; I’m just trying to turn them into reality.

I’m ready to adult.

Kinda sorta.

What are some of your goals for the rest of 2017? Have any passion projects in the works? Any tips for conquering adulthood? Let me know how you feel in the comment section below.